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Molecular weight:862.60578

CAS NO.:57455-37-5

The ultramarine blue is the most commonly used blue earth pigment.It is a kind of sulphur, compound of aluminous silicate,Powder.weak ALkali.good resistance to heat .weather sunshine and no migratory.insoluble in water.It has very bright light and pure color.The Ultramarine Blue is uesd for tinting,blueing and adjusting color etc.It is ideal for application in such diverse sectors as plastic,rubber,paint,ink,art painting etc.

Windstar Pigments Production Advantages

The better strict control of chromatic coordinates (DE≤0.5/DL ≤0.3/DA ≤0.3DB ≤0.3) better than international standard (DE ≤0.7),ensure product stable.

Safety and Innocuous(Pb contnet within 30ppm,accord with ROHS/REACH/EN71 standard by SGS test)

Ultra-high price-performance advantage is the customer’s first choice to make the product stable,reduce the cost of material and raise the competitive advantage.

The better strict control of particle distribution(D50:1-3um),the better scatter.

Low sulfur content (within 500ppm),exacting control of soluble water content each lot,heat fastness> 300℃ .

Excellent Fastness to weather and light.

No migratory.

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